Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Meet my new roses

Here it is, the start of a new year and with it the start of some really hot weather here in Perth and around the country. Temperatures have passed the 40°mark (that’s close to 110°F – whew!) and leaves and any flowers are well scorched. Luckily, at least in blogging terms, I still have some photos from spring to show you. So without further ado… come and see my new roses for this season.

The first one is Lavender Pinocchio. Look at those beautiful smoky tones and exposed stamens.

The flowers fade to pink with age. A floribunda rose, this rose has already been a good performer, flowering fairly continuously since spring.

The next one is a rose I bought which was mislabelled. I actually wanted to buy another Belle Story so I was disappointed, however it’s been a strong grower and put on a heavy flush of flowers in spring.

I’m thinking it has to be an English rose. Could it be Lilian Austin?

This is hybrid tea, Atomic Blonde. It has only put on this one flower this season.

This is the second time I have planted a Jude the Obscure, this time in a much milder position. It looks like a much stronger plant and has put on a decent number of blooms.

I created a new garden bed especially to add the next two roses. After reading my neighbour’s guest post I had to have Moonbeam and it has proved to be quite a prolific flowerer, with two good flushes so far.

And I also bought Martine Guillot (a name I absolutely massacre every time I say it). 

This rose has been on my wish list since seeing it in an Australian House and Garden magazine a couple of years ago. 

It seems to be growing strongly but has only had one flush of flowers.

Apart from that, I also bought a climbing Duchesse de Brabant and some other repeat favourites.

Happy Gardening!